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Bible commentaries aid in the study of Scripture by providing explanations and interpretations of Biblical text. Whether you are just beginning to read Scripture or have been studying the Bible daily, commentaries offer greater understanding with background information on authorship, history, setting, and theme of the Gospel. Verse by verse exposition of the New and Old Testament can be found in the commentaries.

About Studying God's Word

Hi, my name is Tom Lowe. I am a retired engineer and located in the upstate of South Carolina. I have been writing Bible Commentaries for a little less than 20 years now, and I want to share them with you. I am writing these to help aid you in your Bible study, assist you with lessons and sermons, or just help you have a better understanding of complex verses.

All of my lessons are free to use - you can freely copy and paste them as you like. I am also accepting donations on my Patreon page to assist in keeping this website running. Additional donations will be made to Christian organizations as need arises. I hope my sermons and Bible lessons will be a blessing to those who read them. Thank you for visiting my Bible Commentaries website: Studying God's Word. Have a blessed day!

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Tom Lowe is a retired engineer from Kansas City, KS, and graduated from Argentine High School and Finlay Engineering College. He now lives in South Carolina with his wife of 55 years, Sierra. They have two children together, Michael and Mary. Michael lives in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and son-in-law. Mary lives in South Carolina with her husband and five children. He has been writing his own Bible Commentaries for 18 years and was Head Deacon at Eastside Baptist Church, Laurens, SC, for several years.

Woodruff, SC, USA

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